Social Change

Monday, May 15, 2006

Action Research

Action research is when you actively learn about something you are interested in. In my case, it needs to be something that causes a social change. I have decided to do a collaborative project with Alexa on teenage self awareness. Our plan is to each think of different things to teach to the teenagers. We will then make an activity and talk to a class about our topic and possibly film it for the research records.
This is important to me because I think it would have useful when I was younger, to have someone come in and talk to my class about self awareness. I also want to see what effect this class project will have on the students. I’m wondering if it will even make any difference to the kids since they are always so distracted with their social lives.
I am excited to see the results and see how it will go in the class to see if the kids are even paying any attention to us or to see if they are interested and engaging themselves in our activities and see if they listen to what we actually have to say to them.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Techniques (ass 04)

One of the techniques listed as part of the contemporary U.S. activist repertoire on an issue that I care about is the technique to talk to the person in highest power. I feel that this is the best technique because I feel this is the most effective way to create “change”. Change is about power and although change should start out small, I feel that people should start out big and that big things will happen from there.
I think that an activist should practice with smaller activist things like protests but then when it comes to trying effect something with larger importance, they should talk to the head. The master of whatever cause you are trying to effect should be the one to help you out most. Whoever that may be in whatever case, has the most power to raise recognition on the subject.
Recognition is the first step to social change. It is when something has attention or favorable notice. With out it, no one can really know what the problem is and society or whoever your audience is, can’t take action in supporting whatever your purpose is.
A promise of the current repertoire is the attention of the people who care about the change you are trying to make. They will hear your voice and try to help you out by supporting your ideas. They will, hopefully, spread out your point to the people they know and from here on, the word will spread. Some times this doesn’t happen, it comes to a halt. When it does, it is because your audience doesn’t care enough. And when your audience does not care enough it means that you need to find a way to connect your issue to each and every person.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Philanthropy is when someone donates money to a good cause. A volunteer is someone who is willing to devote their time to a good purpose. A service learner is when someone attempts to use volunteer efforts to gain academic alterations. What do they al have in common? They all involve giving away something but expecting nothing in return. These words also all contain the word “good” in their definitions. What is good? Good, in these cases, is what helps society. It’s a positive change in whatever field your focus may be in.
I chose to participate in a volunteer act since it is what is most convenient and possible according to my schedule and the time I was given. My volunteer work was dedicated to helping my mother. My mother of all people is who deserves most of my help in service. She sacrificed so much just to raise me and bring me up. I feel like she volunteered 18 years of her life to bringing me up, to raise me and teach me about what this world is like to live in. I helped her for those few couple of hours with her and the chores that hold her back from getting to her work. She is an artist and works at home so it is really easy for her to get distracted by the smallest things around the house.
I would have liked to volunteer by going to some sort of organization that helps the homeless but given the circumstances and time I had, it was not enough time to actually get into the work. I called a couple of places like the Red Cross and they told me that they already had more then enough volunteers. It was a great feeling to hear that so many people in this region cared enough to donate their time to these organizations. I believe that those of us, who are gifted with health and fortune, have a duty to serve to those who are in need of us. The promises of volunteering are a better society with people who are less absorbed in themselves. People who leave a volunteering job always feel good about themselves. Who wouldn’t feel great about themselves after helping out a certain cause?
The work I dedicated to my mother today won’t make any difference in society but it definitely made a difference concerning the people and animals in my home. To make a difference in society I would need to volunteer for an organization that affects more then one person. The more people you help, the more of a difference you’ve made to the society.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

vacation hw

Income inequality grew larger and larger after China started to economically develop in 1980. During this economic growth, a fraction of the poor people living in China fell significantly. Even though China’s economy grew exceedingly, the gap between the poor and rich widened by a lot. This economic change didn’t help the poor in China at all.
Rising inequalities can be looked at in a good or bad way, depending on how it all started. If the raising inequality came about from a growing economy it’s good because it’s beneficial towards the country to help organization and improvements within the country.
These are the basic facts. There has always been an income gap between the higher skilled and less skilled people. The earnings of the high school dropouts did not change much while the earnings of high school graduates grew rather quickly. The gap between the earnings of the high school drop outs and high school graduates continued to and still do, swell. The main achievement was given to those who graduated from college and to those with postgraduate education.
These developments made the gap of earnings inequality based on education level, mainly between the people with a college education and the people who weren’t completely educated.
To stop this gap between the rich and poor, China should focus on getting through their high school education and through their college education as well. This is a hard solution to the problem since it is neither easy nor cheap but it will keep China from focusing on earnings inequality itself.

Act of Kindness

Today my assignment was to do an act of kindness. An act of kindness is when someone does something friendly, generous, or warm-heartedly for someone else. It’s when someone performs a considerate act. For some, its something people do everyday without even noticing, for others it’s something they need to practice to make it a part of their routine.
Today I made several acts of kindness. I supported the boy’s volleyball team by attending their game. I think this was an act of kindness because it showed that I cared enough to travel to their game at a school that wasn’t even near my home. I think when people from the players school come to the game it gives them more reason to win and play hard. It also makes them feel good knowing that people care.
Another act of kindness I made effort to was I called back this lady to let her know I could baby-sit her child Friday. This was an act of kindness because every time this lady calls me to baby-sit her child I always refuse because I find it annoying, time consuming, and I have to go out of my way to care for their child. Today I called back to let her know I was available this Friday because I realized it’s hard to be a single mother with a four year old child and a job. When thought about it, I realized I was being selfish by brushing off this responsibility for the sole reason that I didn’t want to dedicate any time to this family. Now I will not put my self first in all situations.
I believe that acts of kindness are necessary in this world because they show the people that surround you that you care. I think that is one of the best feelings to know that people care weather it’s to support you or to make you smile. It gives you a purpose to keep going with what you want to accomplish in life.